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    99 XP cyls fill with gas

    Hello, have a Seadoo 99 XP that the cyls fill with gas after sitting. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks, jayball

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    I would guess stuck open Needle and Seat

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    It may be a leaky needle and seat but you do not normally have both of them leak.

    You could have too much pressure in the tank due to a bad vent check valve (or the vent line may be clogged, there are some critters that like to nest in those lines and pissers too).

    Easy test is to leave it sitting with the gas cap loose. If it does not flood the engine then that is it. The "Out" vent line is the one next to the pisser. You might want to take it loose and see if you can blow through it.

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    I agree try to either just leave your gas tank cap loose first and see if thats the fix. Maybe over winter the check valve got clogged. Try that and see first, if it happens when its hotter out or worse then its obviously a venting issue.

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