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    The shake down cruise went good!

    Well I took it out for the first time on friday and had a great time. I took my wife and daughter went out with me to a small lake and we all had a good time. My only concern of the outing was after we rode for about a half hour we parked it so I could check to make sure their were no leaks in the hull or new fuel hose. And after sitting for about 15 minites or so I went to start it back up and had to use the choke and give it some gas to get it fired up again, I really thought it would start easier after having just rode for awhile.

    P.S. If you are reading this "ujustlost" Thanks for taking the time to get me hose clamps as well as taking time to stop by my house to make sure everthing was looking good. I owe a you a beer for sure!!

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    Glad to hear it went well on the water

    What work have you done on this machine since you got it?

    Quote Originally Posted by CamaroRacing12 View Post
    ...the hull looks a lil beat up. some area the gel coat is chipped away like on the very bottom of the hull. its all rough in some areas.
    is that ok?
    as long as its not leaking?...
    You posted a question about damage to the hull bottom. How badly damaged is it?

    Any pictures?

    If your hull is fiberglass, and the glass mesh or strands are exposed, then it needs to be repaired. Water will wick into the glass weave, and eventually de-laminate the hull layers.

    It is better (and easier) to repair it when the problem is just on the surface, than to have major hull damage from de-lamination.

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    nope thats not my post..My hull just looks like it has been beached through out its life. It in "used" condition if you know what i mean.LOL

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    Hey Jeff No problem hope to see you out on the river this summer. If this weather ever breaks for us. Mike

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