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    oil leak and how to run out of water

    i have a 2002 virage txi. it has a small oil leak and i was wondering if anyone on the board knows any common places for leaks. its not on the top end of the engin. i just want an idea of where i should start looking.

    Also can anyone show me how to hook up a hose to it so i can run it on land(if possible). Thanks

    picture of both would be great.

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    Is this the same Virage TXi that won't stay running without holding the Start button?

    The best way to run these engines 'on the hose' is to disconnect the 3/4" cooling water feed hose where it connects to the base of the jet pump. This hose is located inside the hull, on the right side of the pump tunnel, when facing forward.

    Connect a garden hose female to 3/4" hose barb adapter, and connect your hose to that.

    Always use the following sequence when running on the hose;
    Engine start, and stay running
    Water flow on (within 10-15 seconds of engine start)

    Maximum run time on the hose should be under two minutes, and preferably under one minute
    The jet pump bearings and seals are not cooled when not in the water, and they will overheat if run for too long on the hose.
    Water flow off first
    Burp throttle firmly once or twice to flush excess water out of the exhaust system, then shut engine down (all within 10 seconds or so)

    This sequence is important to prevent water inside the exhaust system from flowing backwards into the actual engine, which is not good.

    Regarding the oil leak, how fast is it leaking?

    You can use a small inspection mirror and a compact light to examine the oil pump hose fittings. I found one of my own oil pump connections was seeping oil, and had been doing so for some time. There was dried oil around the metal fitting for the hose.

    I squeezed the spring clip and slid it back along the hose, then cut the hose near the nipple with sharp wire cutters. Removed the stub of tubing from the nipple, slide the trimmed hose onto the nipple, and put the retaining clip back in place.

    You can do this for each hose that connects to the oil pump. Make sure the spring clips are positioned correctly over the nipple barbs. Also check the carb end of each oil line.

    I also found that the nipple on the oil tank was seeping oil. This was caused by a molding ridge from manufacturing that was not trimmed smooth.

    I found it by wrapping a strip of clean white cloth around each connection in the oil system. After a few days, one of the cloths had oil soaked in.

    I removed the tank, trimmed the ridge on the tank nipple, and re-assembled it. If I had to do it again, I would leave the tank in place, drain it, and carefully trim the plastic smooth with a sharp blade.
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    thanks a lot man. i dont know how you know so much about the jet ski, but you knowledge has really helped me. i'm going to check the volts and the battery cables on monday and ill let you know.

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