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    Overheating and loss of power on 2001 Virage TX

    I have a 2001 Virage TX jet ski. The last time I took it out I noticed that if I was cutting up hard or even running hard straight the engine brain would cut in and cause interrupted RPMs due to "Engine Overheating". I am aware that that is how that is supposed to work but I didn't figure out why it was overheating.
    The next time I took it out it started overheating sooner than before and before I got it back to the boat ramp, I was at a standstill and squeezed the throttle and the RPMs went all of the way up and the ski started forward but with nearly no acceleration. I immediately let off and then eased into the throttle and it started moving forward slowly. If I eased into the throttle real slowly it would continue to gain speed but if at any point I squeezed to hard or fast, it acted like it was slipping and the RPMs maxed out.
    I am not sure what the problem is and I would like to get some input before I just go into it and start disassembling parts. Any comments are appreciated!!

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    Have a look at this;
    When a rubber bonded drive shaft coupler goes bad

    Overheat often means something in the cooling system is clogged. Open up the thermostat housing, and make sure it is clean inside, and the thermostat and pressure bypass plunger are not dirty or stuck.

    Also check the plastic mesh screen for the water inlet, which is located inside the jet pump nozzle (right side).

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