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    Exclamation Freaking Scary!!! a GP1200 became alive!!!

    Read this!!! maybe it has happened to you, maybe not, I hope it nevers happens to me again or any of you...

    Like my signature says, I have a GP1200 99'.

    Today I was going startup my 99' GP1200 to test if I had fixed a little problem it had. Installed the battery, the ski was inside my garage together with my 00 GP and two cars. (Crowded garage). I didn't installed the flushing hose because I was going to shut it off quickly.

    I hit the primer a couple of times, crank it up and it started fine. Squeeze the pedal a little bit and it Rev up ok. And then frankenstein came alive!!! It started revving up like crazy, incredibly the throttle was closed at idle, but it kept revving, I pulled off the kill switch, but it kept revving, I PULLED OFF THE FREAKING SPARK PLUG CABLES!!!, and guess what?, it kept revving, I WENT LIKE CRAZY AND PULLED OFF REALLY HARD ALL THREE FUEL LINES from the triple pickup!!!, and it was still alive!!! without water!!! in a dense cloud of smoke

    I strangled the fuel lines once they were out but it didn't shut off until it completely drained all the fuel from the carbs!!!

    The engine became extremely hot, don't know if it damaged anything, I will check compression tomorrow. The engine does turn by hand.

    THE QUESTIONS IS: How did this happened??? It had the behavior of a Diesel engine??? What caused this??? Is there another quicker way to kill an engine (besides ripping off the fuel lines)?

    Leason learned: Never start your engine without the flushing hose...

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    it happened to my old 800 as well, i shut it off by quickly pulling a spark plug before it could grenade itself. Luckily it was fine. I think it's just a form of dieseling from not having any load, and having a ton of momentum. You could also try starving it for air.

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    I've had it happen before. Next time either hit the primer and pump it till it dies or pull the choke. If neither of those are on your ski, throw a towel over the carbs and clog up the carbs.
    Did you have you fuel valve on? If it was off, it had no fuel and it did what they call glow plugging. If it was on, then you have an air leak.

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    No switch on this ski,
    Yes it does have a primer...

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    thats called glow pluging casued by a lean condition. next time (when and if) pump the primer or pull the choke and pin the throttle WOT to kill it. when that happend to me it scared the crap out of me and I ended up doing the same and cutting the main power lead to the starter.

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    Here is something I send to people when I rebuild their carbs regarding lean runaways

    • This is an important step to fill the empty carburetors with fuel. I install a piece of ľĒ hose to the return to tank line fitting (the one to the front) and run the other end to a small bottle or container. I remove all spark plug wires. I crank the motor for a bit until I get fuel coming out of the return line. This insures that I have now filled the empty chambers inside the carburetors with fuel. Doing this will keep you from having a lean runaway on initial start up of your ski. Remove the temporary fuel line and install the return to tank line.
    When you have a lean runaway you can do a couple things, hold the throttle wide open or pull the choke. Yanking the lanyard will do nothing.

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    Wow!, at that moment I thought WOT would have got the ski rev up even higher and make things worst...

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    Nope just the opposite too much air to run. A lean runaway can screw up your motor, it can cause the pistons to overheat and score the walls or seize.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OsideBill View Post
    it can cause the pistons to overheat and score the walls or seize.
    I Hope that didn't happened, I about to sell this ski... I will check it tomorow

    Thanks for your advice...

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    Its a weird feeling,pulling the wires and lanyard and its still running wild. Happened to me for the first time in 02' and i freaked out! I hit the primer like a mad man till it stopped. After my heart rate went down,i realized one of my carbs were not tight. No fun. Like Bill said,pull the throttle open,pump primer if you have you, choke it..

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