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    83Gator's MB Experience

    Guys & Gals: I had a blast, but first I would like to thank Jerry & the other Admin. & Mods. for running such a great site where we can all share invaluable info., experience, ideas & knowledge.

    Personally I'm not into speed or heavily modding my machines, but I saw some very impressive work (inside & out) this weekend. I truly saw art using the medium of fiberglass & machinery. Awesome stuff.

    As I mentioned on an earlier post, I, along w/my local bud GL (Lasportsmn) offered guided tours. If you weren't able to hook up w/us, or, if you didn't attend MB this year, here's a briefing of what you missed:

    Wed Afternoon: Spillway side - Grand Lake Loop, 30 miles of wet wilderness.
    Thursday: Blind/Amite River Loop - 65 Mile Loop w/ a sandbar break.
    Friday: Dularge Loop - 98 Mile Loop to saltwater and back thru the SOLA marsh.
    Saturday: An early Grand Lake Loop, yet again, then mostly a local day at Gro's w/ a side trip thru the Sheramie'.
    Sunday: One more private guide trip for the Grand Lake Loop.

    Summary for my personal MB excluding Saturday: 263 miles of all virgin runs - we never saw the same water twice. And not one NWZ or Idle Only area!!! (excuding ramps & bridges) If you didn't come to MB due to high water/NWZ, oh well...

    For all that I did above, I wouldn't have run one mile w/o my backup & guide partner - GL, you rock dude! I also want to thank
    my bud Shawn from Jackson, MS. He rode sweep for 98 miles on the big Friday ride w/o being asked. He did 95 of those miles flawlessly... and then found the ramp at Amelia.

    Finally, for all the GHers that looked at my rear end on these trips: Thank ya'll for letting me & GL show you our back yard. And thanks for putting your trust in us. Esp. the 5 or so skis that got lost in the spillway, you were in ample hands. Thanks again GL, you make a great sweeper.

    If any of you guys would like my pix from these trips, please PM me your email. I will invite you to a private web album where you can download my pix from MB V. Also, let me know in your PM if you are interested in the specs of my PWC rack.

    Thanks again to all who made my first MB experience such a great one!
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    Thanks for hosting all those great rides. Had a fantastic time riding with you!!!

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    We had a great time! Thanks to both you and GL for showing us around. It was a wonderful experience and I look forward to coming back next year!

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    you guys are great ,I enjoyed meeting and talking with you, sorry I didnt make the ride . Will make it next year. pistonwash , your cool also,enjoyed meeting you...hope you got all that toilet paper off your ski, just looking at it made me want to take a

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    I won't make the mistake again of not attending. Hope you have the same or better intinerary next year. I still have great memories of my trip last February. You, Jerry, GL and the rest of the gang rock.

    I already have a memorable time for Jeremy when he comes down this summer -- hope you and the LA connection can make the trip as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xylene View Post
    Thanks for hosting all those great rides. Had a fantastic time riding with you!!!

    +1, great rides! Can't wait to do them all again. It was nice to ride different areas, see different stuff and not have to deal with any popo like we found around Gros

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    My wife and I missed the big ride Friday I hope to make the ride next year. I heard alot of rave over the ride, people who participated said it was aWeSoMe! Thanks for taking the time to do this for the forum members!!

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    Gator, you and GL ROCK!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for taking your time to show us yankees your back yard. I have always had a great time when I've been down there but this year by far was the best. It's hard to try and keep track of so many people on a ride like that but you guys did a great job. Thanks again and I cant wait to do it again next year.

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    Thumbs up fantastic riding

    Thank you guys for the time and energy you both put in this.

    Harrison and I had a blast. It was also great to meet all the new people we rode with.

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    Thanks for the ride and your "Leeziana" hospitality. I'm the fella whose RXP you "kissed" on accident! My wife and I really enjoyed hanging out with you. You have my screenname on here now so be sure to stay in touch and hopefully we'll see you next year! Always know that you have friends in San Antonio now!

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