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    modded 717 issue after rebuild

    I just rebuilt this boat and have been in the process of breaking it in. The front piston has been experiencing mild seizures at the mid rpm range. The scuff is on the exhaust side and a little on the intake side. I did not change the jetting at all. The boat was running perfect before the rebuild and that seizure was caused by a lower crank bearing not leaness.
    I know this will be hard to troubleshoot, but at the sametime I also know that there are some on this board that may know where to point me. Generally with this setup it is the rear piston.
    I think the mods are irrealevent but if you want them I can list them. I think this may be an air leak but just want to see if anyone had experienced this.


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    i had almost the same exact problem with the same markings on the piston..I finally found out that the aftermarket fuel pump,had a small hole in the check valve.It cause the rear piston to run dry when i brought the RPM's up.Took me 2 rebuilds to find this problem,and almost a third.I just wanted to give you a place to look ,that you might not of checked..

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    As I have found, anything could be the problem. I an not leaning in that direction because the carbs did not change from when it blew and they were not the reason for it. I am thinking air or water leak. Or maybe even timing might be off.
    Hell maybe a roach crawled up the line while I had it apart, I will check the lines.

    Thanks for your response.

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