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    Stage 2 RXP mods complete..

    Over the winter, I did some shopping and decided to go Stage 2 on the 07 RXP..

    After some early season low MPH's, I finally saw the results I was looking for.. GPSing in the 75's on fairly flatwater @ 8140-8160. ( with occasional debris keeping the WOT's runs shorter than desired). Shooting for 77!!

    Here is what was done:
    • Stock X charger install (used)
    • used 42's
    • XS intercooler
    • Suck My Wake Pump Extension
    • RE Blockoff's
    • RRFPR
    • RIVA grate
    • 15/20 prop (re-pitched by Speedfreeks)
    • 83 ring
    • 4 inch kanaflex, no filter
    • RIVA Waterbox, thru Hull
    • rideplate holes filled
    • Custom "Beerdart" catch can
    What a difference in acceleration, top speed, sound, and handling in the chop. Feels like a new ski. The ONLY drawback is a decrease in fuel economy. Its all worth it!

    Thanks to all those who helped: Erik @ Speedfreeks, CTRiverguy, Beerdart, SuckMyWake, Jerry, and countless others who posted up in related threads..

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