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    Oil alarm frustrating problem 2004 rxp

    Have a frustrating problem with an intermittent oil pressure alarm on my 2004rxp. I rebuilt the engine in December because a dropped valve. replaced the oil pumps at this time. Assembled and threw a code for the front oil pressure sensor. Replaced both sensors at this time. Then I got a low oil pressure warning the next time I ran it on the hose. I pulled the engine because I figured I overtightened the oil pressure regulator unit and crushed the valve seat seal. I did. So I replaced it and the piston and re-checked the oil pumps then reassembled. Also found a loose connection on the rear oil pressure sender wire and fixed..........................Foward to my current problem. When the ski is cold, 3 out of 4 times I will get the oil alarm within the first few minutes of operation. After I pull the lanyard and restart 2-3 time it will stop doing it and run like a bat out of hell the entire day. Could one of the new sensors I installed be defective? Will the tops sensor put the ski in limp mode and display "oil" on the guages? Thanks for any help. Mike

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    Sounds like a bad connection or ground.

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    I originally thought that, but it only happens when I first take it out. It will run the entire day after that, even after sitting for extended periods.

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    im getting the same problem with my 05 RXP. Oil press alarm will generally come on during the first 5 minutes of riding and go into limp mode. I simply remove and replace the DESS and she runs like a dream all day.
    Checked it at the local seadoo dealership and no fault codes appear.
    Motor and sensors have never been touched or replaced so Im thinking to maybe try changing out the sensors and see if i keep getting the alarm.

    Let me know if you find it to be anything else. Ill do the same if I work it out!!


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    WARNING, OIL Pressure...!!

    I dunno guys, am not the kind to guess when you get an Oil warning light come on.

    Have a search or PM to SKOEPP on here before second guessing is my advice.

    He had intermittent oil warnings, and then .......

    Be 110% sure before taking it out on a ride, they are a delicate engine when they want to be. It could be anything causing this, so to speak.

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    Hey Richieb
    Yeah I know where your comin from and the first 2 times it happened I took the ski straight out of the water and to my seadoo mechanic. Both times nothing appeared on the software and a quick check of the main sensors showed nothing.

    Every time it happens I cringe and really feel uncomfortable pinning the throttle for the first few times. So im thinking since oil level is good, and there is oil pressure that it might just be an electrical gremlin!! Still that being said id really like to get to the bottom of it. Just one less thing to think of when im in the ocean in rough surf and a dozen great whites just waitin for me to fall off!!!!!

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    RX951 just posted an issue like this in his conversion thread....

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    I'd be worried plenty

    that the oil pump check valve was sticking. It is was my 5k motor on the line I'd t-off the pressure sender and get an analog gauge there to see what was really going on. Pressure test the sender unit to see if it's relaibale..could be a bad "batch"

    I'd much rather see the actual oil pressure then know the lake temperature anyway. Could be done with a little engineering work for the sensor resistance curves. I hate engines that aren't supported with reasonable instrumentation, but no doubt they don't want you paying attention to the display when a big cobalt is crossing in front of you on the water

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    yes, I am getting the same issue. I get the OIL on the display for the first 5 minutes, after the engine is warmed up, its good to go for the rest of the day.

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    Perhaps when cold you have a resistor that isnt working properly or isnt doing its job until the electronics warm up.I for one vote on a direct line pressure gauge,those engines are 2 expensive to chance,also I have seen and or heard of 2 many oil pump failures to chance or guess at it.JMHO>Marvin

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