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    Sorry here is my rant!! I am here in michigan and I think we have the worst weathermen ever!! It literally says 0% chance of rain right now and all 3 news stations said no rain tonight at 11 news cast and guess what... its raining. As i watch the radar and the lightning coming in you think they could see the rain coming like 2 hours ago and maybe change there forecast. Of course I have the top and doors off the jeep. And im not going out there to put them back on. Great!!! Hey I guess thats what I got a jeep for but common, its new, I didnt want it all wet yet. I am going to be a weather guy. All i have to do is guess and get the weather right 25% of the time and i got a job. Thanks for listening. lol

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    Same here in MN. Finally get warm weather, then they say NO RAIN, then 2 hrs later, Rain all day. WTF!!

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