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    Ive got the F'n flu... anyone else get whacked by this?

    Ive got a temp of 102 and I feel like Im dying. I cant even move. Last night I was freakin hallucinating because my fever was so high. I slept with three blankets on and still had the chills....
    anyone else get this? I know its been going around..
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    it's swine flu, you'll be okay, it only targets people south of the border

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    yep, iwas sick as a dog, or a pig, last week for like 2 days, really fatigued, BAD sore throat/clogged sinuses...
    of course it shot into my ears too.
    only good thing,it pretty much was better after 2 days. just a little tired now.
    i NEVER call out sick, and i took a sick day on tuesday. first time in 10 yrs i was sick enough to not go to work!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeTrin View Post
    it's swine flu, you'll be okay, it only targets people south of the border

    supposedly three people in CT have died of swine flu.. one was an old lady, the other a baby, and the third was a woman with respiratory problems to begin with.. so im not too scared.. after three days im starting to get my strength back but I was totally out of comission until now.

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    I think now they are calling it H1N1 virus..

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