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    Red face Things I learned from MBV

    * The Mosquitos were as big as Dragon Flies
    * The Dragon Flies were as big as Helicopters
    * Everyone had a great time!
    * The more gas I burned, the more fun I had
    * There are more uses for toilette paper than wiping da crack
    * Mike Irvin looks mean, but is cool as all get out!
    * State Trooper Victor had me rolling with he serious face on his oneliners, but would down a beer like it was water
    * Watching Boostaholic get lost in the parking lot at 2am
    * Seeing the look on the pizza delivery guys face as he dropped off 30 pizzas (27 got eaten)
    * Giggled over the mini beers in the cooler
    * Speed Diva is a blast to be around!
    * Seeing a speed dial number for Dominos on the hotel room phone LOL
    * Everybody you pass would smile, wave or thumbs up!
    * I learned I WILL NOT miss out on the swamp tour next year
    * Learned that the toothbrush camera holder Canadian Swamp King had is actually a toothbrush!
    * The past two mudbugs had free adult blue light special gifts on the back lot
    * Nothing stops Graham from cooking
    * Sunblock is your friend
    * Bottled water is yoru friend
    * In awe over the largest crawfish boiler I ever did see at GROS !
    * I got some new scratches on both our skis, but what do you do….the fun overshadows it
    * Sleep deprivation at Mudbug is like sleep deprivation at Las Vegas
    * No Wake Zones suck
    * Riding an RXP-X made my day, gotta get one
    * Getting passed up on my conversion [by Ben Herman] like I was standing still is making me want to sell my conversion LOL
    * TDR water boxes are too loud for long rides
    * Seeing old faces and meeting new ones are priceless!
    * WFO's cigarretes must be waterproof
    * The smell of IceDogs exhaust o the yellow boat is like crack, I kept wanting to draft LOL
    * Margaritas at Tampicos are strong
    * Suckmywakes' hotsauce should have been used to thart mosquitos, just leave the bottle open on a table
    * The Chi-town boyz are cool peeps!!!
    * Mark Trager and his son made my day seeing the helmets they both wore!! Cudo's Mark! Smart man
    * The Texas Hill Country peeps all had fast RUDE machines that sounded good, I'd love to have Sundances RXP …hhmmmmm
    * I'm looking to sell my conversion now that I don’t really like the wide seat for cruisin'. Time for a change.
    * Glad that gas ain't 4.00 a gallon like last year
    * Can't wait for next year
    * Was glad to have finally met Phillip_GPR after all these years talking to him on the RIVA Forum
    * It was nice to sleep in on Sat morning, get room service to drop off breakfast and go ride all day long
    * It was weird, I didn't see Jerry on his phone at all this weekend, maybe somebody has a pic
    * Was great seeing the desert boyz again, Joe and Mark
    * Maybe it was me, but it looked like Sea-Doo's out numbered the Yamahas
    * Took me a few hours to keep my jaw muscles from hurting from laughing so hard Friday Night amongst the Back Lot crowd

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    well said

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    I believe the pic you are requesting of Jerry on the phone is in the possession of Meirvin and it is CLASSIC

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    Quote Originally Posted by RX951 View Post
    * The Texas Hill Country peeps all had fast RUDE machines that sounded good

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    My highlights of MudBug are many!

    First is 83 Gator and Bl taking us on rides that were unreal!

    Second was having Boostaholic next to me with Travis and his friends.

    Third, was JP Consultant and Ryan, You guys rocked! We had a blast!

    Fourth, how concerned the owner of Grows was about my son.

    Fifth, How the people at the Holiday Inn took care of my son and I.

    Sixth, how hot that girl was that you sent me at 2.30am

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    Billie: A big Thanks to You, Jerry, Your wives and all who come down and make Mudbug such a great time!

    Everyone truly treats you like family @ Mudbug and that's what makes it such a great event for everyone involved!

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    stay away from simone's water!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by superduty View Post
    stay away from simone's water!!!
    Seemed a few girls liked Simones special water!

    I am WORN out, rode Sunday also. Got back to the ramp on fumes/no bars of gas since Grassy lake.

    Going back next year FOR SURE!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RIDEALLDAY View Post
    Seemed a few girls liked Simones special water!

    I am WORN out, rode Sunday also. Got back to the ramp on fumes/no bars of gas since Grassy lake.

    Going back next year FOR SURE!!!!!
    Todd: Look forward to seeing you and Simone again, Thanks for all your hospitality... you guys are too much fun to party with! (as is the whole Texas Crew)

    And Thanks to you and John for all the fun door prizes!

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    It was not easy with everything going on at work but I am glad I was able to make it to see some good friends and meet some new ones.

    It was nice to see everyone can't wait until next year.

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