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    Powershot saved my sho...from sinking...

    Made it out to the lake this weekend 2 days in a row...first day my ski ran perfect. no problems at all then sunday got out and ski was running like crap?? It would cut out if I gave it full throttle from still and at wot runs if you didnt slowly pull the throttle it would cur way back as well? I dont know what is wrong here but I do know that when I disconnected the powershot the ski ran fine? So I need some help here...I have not messed with the program it is still just as it was delivered to me I am going to reset it and see if that works.

    ok on to how it saved my ski...It was running bad and I decided to disconnect it so I pull up on this island and get everything disconnected except the ground and I hear the sound of water rushing in!!!! I am like ohh Sh!t look in the back and water is pouring in from around the exhaust outlet!! so If the powershot would have been working properly then I would have went to my friends house tied up at his dock and went in for some drinks and when i came back out no ski. ..I feel like I was really lucky this weekend...

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    pics...this is the exhaust outlet...the piece that you cut when you are installing the riva ff kit...

    everyone may want to check theirs...

    should I buy the same piece or have something fabricated to replace it??
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    Man, you're dangerous and lucky.. LOL

    I have been gettiig some water in since I did the tunnel reinforcement. I had to push the exhaust pipe around a lot and I am now wondering if this is the culprit...

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    How many hours do you have on your SHO?

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    sounds like its time for rear exit exhaust!!

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    thats what I would like to do but not sure what I would need to do it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by allstar71 View Post
    thats what I would like to do but not sure what I would need to do it...
    Hi Allstar

    did you leave your powershot on .. or still no good, and what are your thoughts on them champ..

    Fitted one too my FZR but once i get the motec it will be coming off


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    R&D has a billet replacement for the exhaust outlet, but no price...not sure if it's available yet.

    Maybe the weight of the Riva FF caused the rubber to crack after hours of hitting rough water. Glad you caught it in time.

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    So what's the deal with the powershot?

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    Try a metal one from an XLT1200. I bet you can make it work. Its all solid metal and uses a rubber gasket on the inside and bolts from the outside. The flange is threaded.

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