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    manifold/valve lubrication

    Hi Guys,
    I've just purchased a manifold / valves fogging system to suit my engine.
    listed here
    Basically there are 3 (one per cylinder) nipples projecting out of the intake manifold at near horizontal.
    These are drilled out and a tube fitted to each, joined together and a 4th fed into lubricant. With engine running (after flushing procedure completed) the lubricant is sucked into the manifold, through the valves, cylinders and into exhaust manifold coating with fine layer of lubricant to prevent corrosion from moisture remaining in the exhaust system.
    Basically it takes a few secs for motor to blow smoke, one quick rev and kill engine.
    this is recommended after EVERY use.
    Lubricant of choice - mineral based 2 stroke oil.

    It sounds like the best thing since sliced bread to me (especially at $30 AUD!) since in theory the engine will be protected.
    I guess my main concern is whether the 2 stroke oil can cause any harm long or short term in any way, and whether it'd build up, particularly in the intake manifold.
    Any thoughts before I fit it?

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    No-one got an opinion on this ???

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    Seems like a pretty good product. And since oil is not going to hurt any metal, it seems like it's not going to cause any problems... Ron

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