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    Redneck engineering

    Keeping this thread the performance section, in mind. I'd hoped a general thread might produce more and varied results.

    Last year in an effort to reduce my commuting costs, I bought motorcycle. Unless the weather is below 40* for a high or really bad rain, I ride every day....with one exception...I gotta bring my level to every new job. Once there I can leave it...till I need it at home..or for side work.

    Needless to say I've been missing out on a lot of riding. It's finally dawned on me, how I can bring my level on the bike....without losing it or having it slip into my spokes or something.

    Here's what I came up with.

    A coupla pair of slits cut onto either side of an already there semi circle in the case, thread the clamps into and then out of then around the rear foot peg and voila...on the peg without going anywhere and impervious to the heat of the exhaust.

    It ain't works...and I can take it all off when I ride for fun.

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    A few years back the mrs wanted a basement office...I took that opportunity to include a small tank.

    It's by no means as grand as some out there. But it works.

    Living art.

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    In-wall aquariums rock. Looks great.

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    I thought it was pretty nice...till I saw the one jpeconsult has at his place.

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