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    Factory Pipe settings

    I have an Sxi (Twin carb, not a Pro) that came (to me) with a Factory Pipe. I was told that the carbs were rejeted, but there are no other mods, aside from premix conversion. The ski was very fast top end, but kind of a dog low and mid range. I went to the Factory Pipe web site, where they gave instructions for pipe tuning. I can only locate two adjustment screws, and it references 3. Anyway, when I counted turns on the two I could find, they seemed to be bottomed out. I gave them each 1/2 turn open. When I went to ride the thing, it about lept out of my hands. It is stupid fast mid and high, now, but still boggs a little bit on the low end. I splashed water on the pipe and got no sizzle anywhere.

    Is there a third screw and where did they hide it?
    Any tuning tips or base settings for this pipe?


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    There is a third screw, its on the very bottom of the exhaust elbow right behind the the water hose nipple that leads from the exhaust bypassing the expansion chamber going to the pipe that leads into your water box. You pretty much have to pull the whole pipe out to find it and to set the screw. I recommend alittle more than a half turn out on the bottom screw and just a hair on the top. Leave the middle closed. That should work best for you but experiment alittle and see what you like best.

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    Thanks Bonanzaman, I'll give that a try.

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