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    1999 1200 xl motor mounts

    Im in the process of removing my engine from the ski. While trying to remove the bolts from the motor mounts I thought my ratchet was slipping, so I tried another ratchet.. then I realized it was slipping too. This means the insert inside the motor mount was slipping and not the ratchet. If I turned the bolt very slowly it would slowly back out. If I turned too fast, it seemed like the entire insert would turn instead and make it seem like the socket/ratchet was slipping on the bolt.

    Now that I'm seeing this, do you think the existing mounts are OK or do they now need replaced? The red loctite is a b*tch but I was finally able to remove all the bolts from the ski. Also, it seems the rubber in the mounts really twist hard when trying to back the bolt out.. not sure if this twisting is OK or if they are damaged.

    i plan on chasing each motor mount with tap to help ease installation later.. but does anyone have any other advice?

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    Same thing happened to me recently...I'm looking for the answer to your questions as well..

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    any feedback on this? TO summarize my question: when loosening the bolts connecting the engine to the motor mount, if the insert in the mount spins does the mount need replaced? All four of mine spin the insert but I was able to back out the bolt if I turned it slowly.

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