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    keep oil pump or not?

    well i am rebuilding my sl1050 since i was an idiot and messed with the oil pump cable when i thought i was adjusting the throttle. My question is its a 1997 and i'm debating on just doing away with the oil injection. I do like having oil injection but i don't know if i still trust it due to its age. what do you think?

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    This will definitely get mixed opinions. I removed the pump gear and am running pre-mix at 40:1 in my 750 but it is said that these oil pumps are quite reliable and will last and last so I think I am going back to it after this summer. JMO

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    Quote Originally Posted by tgersx View Post
    ...I do like having oil injection but i don't know if i still trust it due to its age. what do you think?
    Replace the oil lines with new. Put in a new oil filter. Make sure the clamps are all sealing properly.

    Then enjoy riding without messing with pre-mixing the oil into the fuel

    The Polaris oil pumps are quite reliable. It is the oil lines and hose clamps and filter that need to be kept in good condition.

    Make sure everything is in good condition, and you should be fine for a long time.

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    I went pre-mix on my '95 so I wouldn't have to worry about oil pump failure.
    I don't ride it too often anymore, so doing the pre-mix thing is not a big deal.

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