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    challenger 230 w/315 hp

    Anybody have one? Or ridden in one? What do you think of the power?

    We are strongly considering moving up to a larger boat after this season and I really like the bigger challenger. I'd much prefer to stick with the two non sc engines though. I like the idea of no sc to deal with, better gas mileage and cheaper gas. It all adds up.

    I'm just a bit concerned if it will be powerful enough. Our challenger 180 carries about 9lbs per hp (dry). The bigger boat would be about 11.6lb/hp. Definitely not going to be the rocket the smaller 180 is. I don't care about top end at all. If it will do 35 loaded up I'm content. I'm more concerned about being able to pull a wake board/ tuber with 8 people/gas/coolers/etc on board. And obviously being able to get up on plane with a full load of people and gear.

    We'd probably go with the SP model. The local dealer has one on the show room floor and I'm afraid its ruined me

    Thoughts? I've got 6+ months to research/pontificate/change my mind and then change it again. So no hurry

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    I guessing you mean the 510 hp ? The Challenger 230 is in no way compared to a challenger 180. The 23 footer is not lacking in power with the 430hp and will do all you want with or without a full load. The Challenger 180 is under powered with the 215hp without a full load let alone 8 riders aboard.

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    No, I meant the challenger 230 with 315 hp (twin non sc engines). The 2009 230 SP and the '07 & '08 wake models all come with this engine combination as an option.

    I currently own an '08 180 with 215hp. Lacking for power isn't something I would associate with the boat. I've never had 8 people aboard but we regularly pack it with 7 people, coolers, huge tube, and a bunch of extra stuff. Even with all that it still tops out at over 40mph (43-44 on gps). Plus it pulls the giant tube out of the water with 2 people on it with ease. If anything I am constantly backing down to keep the speed sane for the tubers. That's with 5 people remaing on the boat mind you.

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    The SP is a 310 hp boat , twin 155 hp engines. If your happy with a challenger 180's hp then you'll be happy with the 23 footer with twin 155hp engines.

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    I have a 09' challenger which i dont think lacks in power 8 180-200 pound guys and still got 38-41 mph. My buddy has the exact boat your talking about, and he keeps up with me empty and loaded with no problem, I dont think you'll be dissapointed. Neither one is a high speed boat by any means but, still perform well.

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