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Thread: Pump rebuild??

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    Pump rebuild??

    I have finally found time to get the engine running good and went out to tune it in when the pump locked up! *&^&***er!!! So I went to picked up the bearings and seal and took that piece o crap apart. Everything was shot including the spacer that goes in between the bearings to keep the inner races from migrating toward each other(did not know this). Not knowing any better, I put the new bearings in without the spacer(didnt know its purpose at the time) and went to the river. All was good did some plug chopping, some no holder take offs (as Randy put it in tuning tips) and all was going pretty good then, after a plug chop stop. and attempt to restart, the newly rebuilt pump made a loud bang and would not turn over! I got towed in and home and found all bearings and seal in tact but the impellor had come un screwed from the stub shaft. I guess the spacer is important!! It gives the impellor something to torque against. Anyway, if someone has one of those spacers laying around the garage they'd like to get rid of I'm in need.

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    Send an email to John Zigler

    Other parts sources are listed here.

    Click below for the Service Manual.

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    Zigler was my next move. Bought from him before, Top notch guy. I was just hoping someone had one from an old broken pump they could spare.

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