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    785 won't turn over

    Trying to get 785 started so I can sell it(want to sell it as don't have a lot of time to work on it) and it won't turn over. I put new battery in and nothing the display won't even light up. I started it last year but has not been on water in a couple years. The elec box has some corrored connections as it has been sitting for a few years. I found the service manual on here so I will start looking through it. Any suggestion on where to start. Or someone can come get it cheap.

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    When you say the electrical box has some corroded connections, what do you mean? Double check the fuse on the electrical box isn't blown. You can push it to reset it.

    Are you sure the battery is charged? The ones you have to add acid to you have to charge even when new.

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    Both fuses are good. I charged the new battery for about an hour and half 2 amp trickle and nothing so I tried the battery out of the lawn mower which I know is good. I hit the reset on the circuit breaker also. Some of the wires going to the circuit board are green and crappy. I will clean then along with the ground and see what happens. I thought I had it advertised cheap enough someone would buy it as is.

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