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    Baker Hydraulic Trim System

    Has anyone ever bled one of these before? What were your results? Did you buys years within the last year or 6 months? I am having trouble with bleeding mine. i am only getting 11m of travel out of the slave cylinder which is only 6 to 9 degrees on the nozzle. THen if you pump the lever it will bottom the slave cylinder out. I haev followed directio from Baker to the T even reset the ferrells with new ones. So any help woudl be apprecitated. thanks

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    Try giving Terry a call he is good people, he will help you out

    Baker Performance Products
    418 John Street North
    Hamilton, Ontario
    L8L 4R3 Canada
    Telephone: (905) 577-4706
    Fax: (905) 577-0748
    [email protected]

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    yeah been on the phone with him for the past 2 days

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