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    230 w/ 430 hp vs. 510 hp

    I am looking at an '08 challenger with 430 hp because I prefer the navy blue color interior and exterior to either of the '09 challenger colors, plus it's cheaper. I am a little concerned about the 80 hp difference because I like speed. If anyone has owned/ridden in both boats, could you please describe the difference in speed (i.e. acceleration, top speed, FUN FACTOR!).


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    hi there,

    two years ago i had the 07 speedster with 430hp. last year i had a 230 wake with 430 and this year i just got my 230 challenger se with 510hp 3 weeks ago

    the 510hp option blows you head off. topspeed and acceleration are the same as the 430 speedster, so that means fun every second! also, the 09`s are just to good, amazing interiour .

    i have the tower option and this is the boat i have been searching for the past years.

    if you can get your hands on a 09 ist a must, you will LOVE it!!!

    have fun, patrick

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