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    Water in my oil tank msx 150

    Ok guys I just cant seem to win with this ski this year. Now after I replaced the starter solenoid after the electrical issues she started right up. But once started, hooked up my hose to the flush kit and water/oil started spewing out of the cyclone hole. I quickly shut her down and found my oil tank was full of water and oil and nice frothy stuff. Also the water heat exchanger was boiling hot. The oil was freshly changed before I stored it last year by the polaris dealer. What is going on now. It has not even been out onthe water yet this year and it ran fine all of last. I only have twenty hours on this ski.

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    Read this thread.

    Just to confirm - you turned on the hose water flow after the engine was started?

    And turned the water off before shutting down the engine.

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    Now its getting interesting

    That would be a big 10-4 to your question. Ya I've always started the engine first as well as pulled the water before I shut it down. I learned that the hard way with my first ski. I also did notice my oil was low before I started it and there was a large pool of oil in the bottom of my hull. I washed the whole inside of the hull last year before winterizing and didnt have any there before the electrical issue. Within not even ten seconds of starting it my water heat exchanger was smoking hot to the point that it was melting my throttle cable isulation. I dont understand it considering how smooth it ran last year. Now I have some serious oil shanges to do to remove all the water in my oil tank. Any good suggestions on how to flush it all out? As normal, just change it several times I guess.

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    What actually happens if you don't have the motor running I've never really known

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sfaulkner View Post
    What actually happens if you don't have the motor running I've never really known
    There is a small orifice that sprays cooling water directly into the exhaust system. The purpose is to cool the exhaust gases prior to reaching the non-jacketed portions of the exhaust system, especially the large rubber exhaust hoses and waterbox.

    When the engine is running the exhaust flow pushes the water spray out the exhaust.

    When the engine is NOT running but the cooling system is pressurized (such as when connected to a garden hose or being towed in the water) then the injected water can accumulate inside the exhaust system and backflood into the engine itself via the open exhaust ports/valves.

    On the Weber engine watercraft such as your MSX 150 the cooling water also circulates through the oil tank. If the seals are not 100% then water can seep into the oil system.
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    I think K447 means oil tank... not oil cooler.

    On the Weber engines... raw water doesn't flow through the oil cooler... coolant does.

    Raw water flows from: pump > heat exchanger > oil tank > exhaust manifold (w/ small hose T'eed off to exhaust water injector orifice) > hull water exit.

    The Weber engine is a tall engine. It would take a lot of water sprayed through the small exhaust water injector hose to fill up the lower exhaust and waterbox and hoses... to the point where it started backing up past the turbo and into the head. But it is possible.


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