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    P-X Ride- something weird

    I was cruising along yesterday and all of a sudden it was like my ski was high centered and the steering bars had to be turned slightly to the left to keep going straight.

    The boat felt very tippy, if that makes sense, maybe unstable is a better word. I was going 71 + MPH.

    It's really weird because I have the worx grate and it really keeps the boat hooked to the water.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

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    I would check the grate and the exit nozzle ring. Naturally go over the whole ski, too. Sometimes I get weird stuff going on, too. Don't know if its because I just ran over a gator or something else.

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    Ok.. ya it was weird. All of a sudden! I did check the ring and the steering already but will check the grate as well.

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