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    Question about older Yamaha (95-ish)

    Firstly, im new to the site. Looks great, seems to be a lot of community here.

    Me and a friend bought some skis last year and never got around to using them (or he didnt get his licesnse...). I have since decided to sell him my ski and cut my losses. Of course this has suddenly inspired him to get his license. In the process I have been looking around for a cheaper and possibly more reliable ski.

    I am looking for some input on older model Yamahas. I have my heart set on a 95-ish waveraider. Is there a general opinion on the 1100 or 700cc engines? How much more/less maint. would be required when compared to a Seadoo XP of the same year? Also what would be considered high hours for a used ski? I have seen some stuff saying anything over 100 is high, and others saying it doesnt matter as long as it was maintained well. Would a compression check be enough to give a general idea of the condition?

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    I'd go with a Raider 760 - the 1100 is hard to find parts for, and 3 cylinders are more prone to fail. The 760 is a solid motor, although the 700 is fine as well. 100 hours is low on a Raider - just check compression and see what you get, 150 is optimal but you might see a bit lower numbers, depending on top end wear. A Yamaha is a solid ski - much easier to work on than a Seadoo, you won't regret your choice. Another good choice would be a Blaster or Blaster 2, if you can find one!

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    I had a '96 1100 raider and loved it until I bought my '99 GP800. For Lake St. Clair I think the '97-'99 GP hulls are a better choice. They have less of a deep v hull so they tend to ride over the waves instead of trying to cut through them, the gp's also have a dryer ride and are much more comfortable to ride. You could probably find a GP760 or 800 for almost the same price as a raider. I sold my old 800 to my aunt last year and I know she was trying to sell it for around $1,800 with a single place karavan trailer a few weeks ago.... she may still have it if you're interested.

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