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    yamaha 1200xlt starting tips

    I have been riding a 2001- 800xl and no problems starting it. I just picked up a 2004- 1200xlt and I seem to be having a problem getting a smooth easy starting procedure. Once it is started it seems to run like it should and gives the 60plus speeds. ANYBODY HAVE A STARTING PROCEDURE THAT WORKS WELL FOR THEM. I would appreciate any tips.

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    fuel is probably draining back to the tank between rides and you have to pump it back to the carbs to get it to start. Most guys put a primer kit in to allow easy starts.

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    Like Doug said, you can also try pumping the throttle 10 times before cranking. It can help prime the system a little bit because if the carbs are stock it has the accelerator pumps mounted to them

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    What works for me is to pull the choke (I still have a choke) and hold the throttle about half way and crank. If she hasn't run for a couple of weeks it cranks longer but usually she starts within a few seconds. I have 290 hours on the motor as well.

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    as above... but i would fit a primer asap,did it on my carbed 1300 and never looked back

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    Do the primer, a lot easier on the starter, abttery etc... But my procedure was the same as above... Pump throttle 4-5 times the hold half way turn the starter over for a couple second then repeat

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    Thanks for the tips

    Thanks for all of your replies, it gives me a few choices which are easy to understand and work with. Look forward to a good summer of riding.

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    Yup, primer is crucial! The 1200's are kind hard starting IMO without.

    But, full choke and crank it till she sputters up, let idle for 5 seconds and give some gas, that's what I do. You can pump the accelerators too - but don't give throttle while cranking! Lowers carb throat restriction which is what choke plates do...

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