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    1997 Sea Doo GTS losing charge

    Working on a 97 GTS and the battery won't stay charged. Starter solenoid went bad at the end of last year so I replaced it last month. Jet ski fired right up and runs great. But the warning buzzer kept beeping after it was shut off. It wasn't real loud like it beeps when you put the key on to start it though. So it sat at the dock for a few days and went to fire it up and battery was dead. I brought it back home and charged the battery. I put it back in and just left it sit in the garage over the weekend to make sure it was just draining it while sitting and not charging while running. Sure enough it went dead after sitting again. I have no clue what that beeping sound was for. It was real faint and cutting in and out. The second time around it wouldn't do the 2 chirps whenever it started up either. Anyone have any ideas what could be draining it. Brainbox was replaced so I don't think it could be that of any sort.

    Here are some things that came to mind to me....1. The solenoid is a dud but yet it still starts the ski up fine, not sure if that could draw it down. 2. Tether key could be bad.

    If anyone can chip in on this, any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Can anyone chime in on this. Is it possible for the solenoid to draw the battery down yet still work.

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