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    95 waveraider 1100


    I finally got my raider...rode it for the 1st time yesterday and ran into a little problem.

    (1) The bike was shutting down on me after an hour. It would shut down, then I would start it and it would not give me full power right away..... after I got the power back it would shut down after a little...maybe 10 seconds....I had to cruise it back into shore. Then I noticed alot of heat coming from the piss hole which is below the end of the seat, below that round X that be opened to the exhaust compartment. What does this mean? What are the possible problems and solutions?

    (2) There are 3 lights on the guage in red that stay lite up. They are the oil, gas and something else. I know that the bike has an oil block off kit. Why are these lights always on?

    (3) The speedometer does not give a reading. It was was saying 0 mph for me but my friend said that he saw it increase in the 40's and then it went back to zero.

    Whatever help would be appreciated. However, this ski is #$%^ing fast man!!!

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    I would start by replacing the fuel filter. Check the settings for each carb. You might have to rebuild the carbs too, especially if it sat for a while. The oil guage will flash with the block off kit.Theres tons of info on this ski on here and plenty of people still riding them. try the search feature for the stock carb setting.

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