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    GP1200R going up for grabs

    Ok, been building up my GP1200R for a couple of years. Took it out last weekend and had a rod bearing come apart in the rear cylinder. Looks like the damage was confined to the rear of the engine. All my Riva domes and the other two piston tops look good.

    I'm just wondering if you guys can give me some suggestions as to what I might be able to sell it for as is. I'm throwing in the towel.

    Here is what it has, I'll post some pics up tonight:
    Stock motor, rebuilt 2 years ago...prior to the incident
    Riva Stinger Pipe
    Stock water box
    Riva heads with highest compression domes without running race gas
    UMI complete bearing ride turn system
    Riva trim system, bars, and levers
    Beach House Sponsons
    Riva trim tabs, ride plate, and intake grate
    Solas prop, forget the pitch
    Pump work by Riva years ago
    Good working instrument cluster with approx 150 hours or so
    Nice hull, no major nicks or dents
    Hydro turf seat
    Hydro turf matting
    Advent programmable ignition, the one with the dip switches
    Replaced carb rack last year, re-jetted, Riva Air Filters and outerwears

    Heck, I'm thinking between the carbs, ignition, pump, and steering alone it should be worth a couple of grand???

    Thoughts, just roughly??? Trying to keep from parting the thing out if I can.

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    You will probably get more by parting it out.. Sad, but true..

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    I know, just thought someone would want a killer deal and do some work...while saving me some work...

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    PM me a price. i may buy it if the price is worth. like to talk about it on the phone.

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    if you part it out

    i got dibbs on the ride plate and intake grate

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