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    FS: RXP/t Performance parts.

    Riva Gen II IC with updated silicone couplers and T-bolt clamps from silicone This was about a $100 bucks as Rivas clamps and hose are junk, IMO! It comes with BOV. also spent around $1400+bucks It is complete.
    sell for $900+ Shiping.

    Skat 15-19R + 1mm $225

    R & D Steering Nozzle with a beautifull black powder coat. $130


    Riva Gen II SCer impeller 6 hours same a greenwheell mint new $300 SOLD BDNJ Shipped

    Riva Intake grate RXP $100 XChris1626X SOLD & Shipped.

    Riva 4inch Rear air mint shape includes Rectifier bracket, 4inch adapter, Riva pre filter silicone coupler and clamps. $250 SOLD BIGworm SHIPPED!

    Solas 15-20R untouched mint with cone $225 SOLD ROY Shipped
    Riva RXP waterbox Mint shape new $280 SOLD Roy Shipped

    Riva pump wedge, extension Rod with Steering extension piece complete $150 SOLD ajthegoale Shipped

    Riva Sponsons $200 SOLD Ballin ultras (Kelly)

    42lb injecters $105 SOLD 05limited Jeff SHIPPED!

    All parts do not include shipping I will qoute actual shipping to your location with zip code and that is what you pay. Cash, certified check or you pay Paypal fee's as they have gone up to dang near 4%. So I can't loss that on something like a $900 New IC.

    Call me if you would like (210) 325-6546

    My camera took a sh!t at MB so I can not take pics, but I do not sell junk, this stuff is mint. Questions please ask.

    Thanks, Austin
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    This stuff is like NEW!! Great prices Austin!!

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    top notch

    I have dealt with Austin on more than one occassion..... he does not sell anything that is not primo. if he says it is like new then it is like new.


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    Ill take the Riva Rear air. You have PM. Thanks

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    sponsons sold?

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    Guys please view what is left and what is pending or SOLD!

    Thanks a bunch!

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    PM sent on wheel.

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    whats mm on this nozzle?i have a rxtx

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    It is a R&D steering nozzle. That has been powder coated black.

    Sea-Doo RXP Pro Steering Nozzle - Now Available

    THE R&D RXP 215 Pro Series Steering Nozzle was developed to replace the OEM steering nozzles oval and stepped inner design shape with a race proven high performance round Venturi design. Improved acceleration, cornering, and top speed performance! The new R&D RXP 215 Nozzle also incorporates a cast in boss for the R&D Auto Trim Kit Option.

    Pt. # 163-21500

    It was $150 + Powder coating.


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    Hey A-

    Long time, no talk. Wondering if you still have the wheel? A newbie friend wants slightly more than stock.

    BTW - I heard you were tearing it up down there. Nice!
    Also - tell Big Bob I'm comin' for him.....check sig on '04.

    Hope all is well w/ fam.


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