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    2002 XLT 1200 Issue

    I have 2 identical 1200 XLT's. They have around 100 hours on them. Both have D plates installed other than that they are stock. Now the issue.

    I have one that was running really weird. It stated out only going 50 mph on the speedo. It would rev up out of the hole and when it reach 50 it would just hit a wall. Then all of a sudden it took off. Ran around 60 and was fine for 1/2 a full run. We stopped for about 1/2 hour and when we took off it would only run 45 mph. Same thing it accelerated fine and then hit a wall. I would back off the throttle and it would rev up fine until 45. We stopped and got gas. Same thing 45. Out of no where it took off again and ran fine. Same speed as the other.

    Is this a stuck or sticky Power Valve? I did put new plugs in and the rear plug looked fouled. That is what it is acting like. One guy that was with us said it is probably ignition issues. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


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    Not to hijack your thread but I have an 04 xlt1200 that does the exact same thing.

    Bone stock except for the d plate and has 50 hrs on it. Will only accel to 50-53 and no further.

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    power valves are easy enough to check, i would start there.

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