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    Starting the pwc for the first time...

    How would i start a polaris sl 750 for the first time after everything has been redone?

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    Slow down: Buy us diner, take us to a movie, Tell us more, show us pictures

    Seriously, depends on what was done. What happened, what did you do, where are you now

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    Last I heard, he needed a return line restictor. I guess he recieved the one I sent. I assume he replace the fuel lines?
    Hey Brandon, how bout listing what you've gone through and done to this machine, and we will go from there?

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    put 1 quart of 2 stroke oil in the full 10 gallon fuel tank. Make sure your oil pump and lines are purged of air. Actually you can disconnect the lever from the oil pump to the carb and that'll make the oil pump go to wide open. Leave it that way for the first ride out. That way you know for sure there is no air throughout the oil route. Check the temperature of the heads/dome with the palm of your hands at first ride out. You should be able to lay them on there for a little bit. They should not be untouchable. Or water sizzling when you wet your hands down to check them. Give the high speed screw an extra 2/8 turn out. Leave the back pressure valve in the cooling rail assembly installed. And even the thermostat too. Thats will keep the heads at a cool temperature and the cylinders able to dissapate the heat....................

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    when i start it do i full throtle it to start it then when it starts let go of the throtle?

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    No throttle it should start and idle..

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    so just hold the choke out and start it and it should start?

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    It would not hurt to put a primer bulb in between your water separator and your fuel pump, works good for me to get it primed up before I try and start mine saves wear and tear on the starter.. Cya Slick

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    Arrow How to start a carb'ed Polaris engine

    Quote Originally Posted by 750slt View Post
    so just hold the choke out and start it and it should start?
    You might find this helpful;

    Polaris 1996 SLT780 Owner's manual

    If the top end of the engine has been repaired (piston, rings, cylinder), then there is a specific break-in procedure, which you can find elsewhere on the forum.

    If you are simply starting the engine for normal riding, the process goes something like this;

    Board craft, with at least 2 feet of clear water beneath the jet pump, and the bow facing away from shore and obstacles
    I often give the ski a strong push away from shore as I climb on board, so I am sure there is plenty of water depth below. As I drift out from shore, I do my checks, and prepare to ride.

    Insert lanyard under safety stop button, and attach to your wrist or PFD (I prefer PFD, so my hands are free)
    Always attach the lanyard to yourself, even if just going for a 'short ride'

    For a cold engine, pull choke knob out fully

    Check again that the water is not too shallow, and you are pointing away from potential trouble
    Look around for other boats
    Do not squeeze throttle

    Press the Start button, and hold it until you hear the engine start. Should only take a few seconds.
    Release start button, and listen to engine for smoothness.

    Slowly push the choke knob inwards, while listening to the engine. If the engine sounds rough, or sputters, pull the choke back out a little.

    It is normal for the exhaust to smoke while the choke is engaged, and the engine will not run 100% smooth when cold.

    The engine should warm up fairly quickly. As it warms up, push the choke knob in until it bottoms.

    When the engine is warming up, it is OK to use modest amounts of throttle to drive forward, but do not run the engine at high speed until it is fully warmed up.

    Warm up only takes a few minutes, depending on how cold the water is, and how cold the engine was.

    Once warm, you can run the engine at any power level you like

    Learn what your engine sounds like when it is running properly, and always listen and watch for changes that may indicate a problem.

    Once you have been riding, the engine should become very warm, but you should still be able to put your hand on the engine for several seconds without pain.

    It is also normal for some white steam to come from the exhaust after fast riding.

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