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    Trouble with my Utility ski??


    I have 2 waverunners, my 07 FX HO which I bought new, and love it, and a 2001 XL 700, which I have around for my sister, and whoever visits to ride. It's been great for the last 2-3 seasons, until this year when I put it back in the water. It didn't want to stay running, and wouldn't idle, kept re-starting it, but even after what I thought was way more than enough time to be warmed up, it still would want to die. It has brand new spark plugs in it, and I always fog the cylinders, and put sea foam in the fuel tank, and never had a problem. Well a few weekends ago, my sister decides to take it out, she can't get it to start, so I jump on, and after tinkering with the choke, and the throttle I get it running. She goes out, 10 mins later I'm towing her back in, now it's 100% dead NOTHING will work. I assume she killed the battery, so I charge it for a while, and still nothing. So I say I will go get a new battery, same thing, even charged the new battery to be 100% sure. So it's not the battery. I decide to look for anything else. I pull the cap that says fuse, and the buss fuse is blown, I think Jackpot!! I change it, and I have the same problem still, nothing no cranking, like there is absolutely no power?
    ANY IDEAS would be greatly appreciated? What else should I check?

    Thank You,


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    how many hours are on the ski?

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    as for the running problem, sounds like a carburetion problem. maybe that carburetion problem lead to a seize up???? as for the electrical problem, get a test light and check if you got power at the starter.

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    Thanks for the help. Well I figured out the electrical problem it was the starter relay. So now I get it to want to fire, but still not running well. I assume from what I talked to a few guys it's the carbs needing to be cleaned.

    I took the carbs off. Can anyone tell me what I need to take apart on the carb, and what to look for, what to clean etc. etc.?

    Thank You!!!!

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    There are quite a few forums on carb cleaning already, you'll just have to do a little research.

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    Yeah i tried the search, and I didnt find anything Yamaha specific as far as what to look for and what needs to be cleaned, etc. Any help would be appreciated!


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    take it apart

    Get out some tools and take it apart. You may need to place the carb on a block of wood, insert the screwdriver into the screws & hit the driver with a hammer. Take off the plate without the fuel lines first. Then remove the half moon shaped piece & the jets. Turn the carb over & take the pump apart, remove the needle & seat. There is a tiny fuel filter in the carb, besure the remove & clean it. Clean everything & put it back togather. I sure I forgot something, but this should get you started.

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