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    SLT750 Carb Rebuild, Anyone want to do it?

    I need to have my carbs rebuilt, well, dont need to, but want to while im tearing the rest of it down. Anyone have a set rebuilt they want to sell, or does anyone with a shop or experience want a crack at doing it before I pay a local shop. (rather support the forum members)

    The ski was running crazy lean, holed the PTo piston, Melted the MAG piston. replacing both now, got the tripel outlet pump and new fuel lines, might as well rebuild the carbs as they never have been. I would myself but I lack the time and honeslty don't want to screw them up as I have never worked on carbs.

    Its a 95 SLT750, stock except the fuel pump, might try boysean reeds if i can find a not too pricy set....

    Im in MD if anyone local, or I can send them out to ya. Could even core swap you.

    Thanks in advance, this forum is the best, thanks alot guys i have gotten alot of really good solid help here, its very appreciated!

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    Randy at Watcon does carb rebuilds. Call him before you send anything, and make sure you package them up properly.

    I think some of the other guys on here will also do carbs...
    John Zigler?

    How to ship carburetors

    How not to ship carbs

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    You should give it a go they are not that hard we can walk you through it. If you hit a snag I can take over and finish them for ya.
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    Im not even sure what carbs I have, i have seen BN, SBN and all kinds of numerical strings, 38/44/42 etc. I have a stock SLT750 if that helps?

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