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    Does my 03 ultra 150 have a trim reset button? Please help. Thanks

    My trim quit working and when you hit the button the battery light comes on. I can't get a clear answer on whether an 2003 ultra 150 has a trim reset button. If it does where would it be located? Thanks
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    Hello mate.

    No the Ultra does not have a reset for the trim. try fuses i would think first off.

    On my 1999 they are at the front and to the right hand side.


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    ultra 150 trim problems

    Where are the trim fuses located on my 2003 ultra 150?

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    Trim Fuse

    I think they are located at the back on the left hand side on later model Ultra's. If you have an e mail addy I will forward you the manual in PDF format for a 2003 Ultra.


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    Can you e-mail me 2003 Ultra 150 manual also, I'm having limp mode problems with mine . E-mail is mikerambot at Thanks!

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    Both sent.


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    What kind of limp mode issues are you having? I had them. It was a bad temp sensor on the exhaust pipe.

    Changed it out, added the appropriate amount of tranny fliud to the sensor well, and was good to go.

    I also have two new never used trim fuses if you need one, 20 bucks shipped.

    [email protected]

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