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    oil in the riser Waverunner 111

    Wow, finally got this resurection to run and found i have to pull the cap off the head to replace the thermo switch and when I pulled the riser that has double hoses off a dark oil like substance poured out. Is that normal or am I hosed? 92 wave 3 w/650. Its the upper most exhaust looking thing (metal) that says Yamadog on it, painted silver. Thank you in advance for your kowledge.

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    give us a picture..

    if your talking about the exhaust chamber .. its pretty normal on older skis especially those running an oil rich mix or those with fouling plugs.... youll get oily black water out of it, or some black sludge from water having evaporated, leaving an oil and carbon 'puddle' at low points ...

    until you post a pic, I'm only guessing as to what your prob. may be..

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    thats exactly whats happening. So this is nothing to be concerned about. Other than that ski runs great. Good compression. I thought maybe cracked block or something so maybe I shouldnt go far with it.

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    i'm running 50 /1 in the WR's ,but its real good oil ..with that mix its not having excess oil issues...

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