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    solas impeller dropped my ski 800 rpms... WTF?

    so this is what i have

    2000 seadoo xp 951 1mm over boar watercraft magic jet kit with r&d pod filters

    with stock prop it runs 56.0 @ 6950
    with solas 15/20 prop it runs 54.7 @ 6150

    all of this info was on the same day back to back runs on glass water. speed was with my GPS...

    looking for some help

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    Either the GPS is way off for whatever reason or you got something seriously slowing you down.

    My '99 XPL with a stock bore and proks is running over 61-62 (depends on fuel level) at 7100 rpm with a stock '98 XPL prop. I have an ADA head on it but with 50cc domes pumping 155 with .073 squish.

    I should not be that much faster than your boat.

    I am not a big fan of the Concords but if is truly is 15/20 it should not knock you down that far. They are known for being, well, off so you may have gotten one that is WAY off.

    That said, it may have as much to do with why that boat is so slow with the stock prop and the Concord is making it even worse.

    Are you running a grate on it? If so, make sure it did not fall off.

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    stock grate i am starting to think its the raves... i am going to check them tomorrow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gofastcrazy View Post
    stock grate i am starting to think its the raves... i am going to check them tomorrow.
    Can you compression check the engine as I think they may be a bit low because you ned a lot of torque to turn a 15/20 through the stock venturi exit.

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    top end is new ( one tank of gas throught it ) its 1mm over with wsm pistion and holds 120 psi on pto and mag.

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    I agree with Krunch.. My boat is stock with just Bill O's jet kit & FA's, and it runs 62+ all day on smooth water.

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