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    R5WaterXRacing July 4-5th Rds 5&6 Information UPDATES..MUST READ!!

    Hello racers,

    ARe you Ready for a KICKA$$ race? This race is the one NOT to miss in The U.S. Regional Racing This Year!!!!

    R5WaterXRacing presents The Waterworks Repair Liberty by The Lake Water-X Championships July 4th-5th at Stewarts Creek Park in The Colony, TX.
    This race is Rds 5&6 of the 2009 R5WX Tour.

    We have some things YOU NEED TO KNOW,

    R5WaterXRacing has signed on 2 more sponsors for Rds 5&6 and we will be raising the payouts in a couple of the classes. Thank you to Waterworks Repair and Diablo Sports Marketing.

    If you have an R.V. and or an enclosed race trailer longer than 25ft each PLEASE CALL us at 214-498-3592 or email us a [email protected] so that we can reserve you a spot. Camping is primitve and is FREE to ALL RACERS with a wristband. Racers will receive 2 (two) wristbands (1 for a holder, 1 for a mechanic) Plus one for the racer. Any extra wristbands needed must be purchased from R5WaterXRacing for $10.00 a piece which will be good for the weekend. You must have your wristbands to get into the hot pits.

    There will be NO fireworks allowed at this race site!! You are at The Fire marshalls mercy if they catch you with them. PLEASE be respectful of this gracious city and respect ALL park and city government rules. The City of The Colony has spent a TON of money to bring you racers and the festivals patrons a FANTASTIC TOP RATED Fireworks display that will SHOCK YOU! (It makes it feel like you in NY) The fireworks will be right in front of the pit area approx 150 yds away..RIGHT OVER YOUR HEADS!!

    Last year their were alot of people wanting autographs from the racers and it didnt matter if you were a Jr to a Pro they wanted autographs! PLEASE print out several pictures of yourself and bring them with you to autograph to the kids and spectators. They eat up all the excitement. Come prepared and if you have any OLD gear that you really dont want that you think might be REALLY cool to give to a small fan or something..BRING IT..You could sign it for him/her. That does wonders to these fans!

    Please get your entries in EARLY so that you may get a better spot on the line!! Registration is UP & RUNNING on or
    There will be a $20.00 late fee assessed to any entries received after the deadline on July 1st by midnight.

    Pets ARE allowed ON A LEASH and please make sure you doo POOPY PATROL behind your pets and dispose of properly.

    NO ALCHOHOL will be allowed in the "Hot Pits", if you are caught with alchohol in your hot pit area you will be removed from the race site and lose your points this also goes for ANY of your crew or family and friends. SORRY we MUST enforce this rule. After the last race of the day you will be able to have alchohol in the hot pits. The hot pits meaning any area past the fencing.

    Please make sure you bring at least 2 Fire extinguishers to have in Your pit area and Trailers.

    Bring ya PLENTY OF WATER because TEXAS this time of year IS HOT!!!

    4 wheelers are allowed on designated paths and they are allowed in the water.

    The course WILL BE a spilt course and NO fueling in the water you will be allowed to fuel as long as your boat is completely out of the water on a stand or on the shore.

    ALL racers and crew MUST be in the park before 7:45am on Saturday Morning July 4th due to their being a 5k Run starting at 8am The gate will close at 7:45am and re open after 9:30 am HINT...MANDATORY Riders meeting is at 9:00am!!

    We will be running LOTS of laps on Saturday & Sunday so please bring plenty of fuel. We will be holding an awards ceremony on Sunday evening.

    The races WILL BE broadcast LIVE on ALL DAY Saturday and Sunday with LIVE racer interviews and Rcing action as it happens!!!

    The Hotel info has been up on our website for awhile and after speaking with the host hotel you might ought to get your rooms resevered ASAP.

    We will be conducting a JR/Beginner instructional class on Friday Evening FREE
    to all. Please bring a friend and we can get them prepared to race with on course instruction as well as race prep and ski set up!

    This race is going to be OFF THE HOOK!! So please come prepared for a GREAT TIME and GREAT COMPETITION!!!!!

    If you have any questions at all please call us at 214-498-3592 or email us at [email protected]

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