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    wont start after i shut it off unless jumped

    i have a 2002 seadoo gtx and the battery was dead so i charged it. went to ride around on it and it started up first try and went to get gas turned it off got my gas and went to start it back up and it wont start. the pannel didnt reset it self and when i push the start button it wants to turn over but wont. there was a dude getting gas and has a jump box and hooked it up said the battery was 85% charged and hit the start button and it started. got back to the dock after riding for about 30 minutes to charge it shut it off went to turn it back on and it wouldnt turn over?

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    Mike, the battery has run it's course... it's done. Replace it and all will be good.


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    Of course, if you want prrof that it's the battery, first measure it with a VOM. Fully charged, it should be around +12.5 VDC. If the voltage is less than 12.5, it's got a bad cell. If it's a wet cell battery, get a hydrometer (from an auto parts store) and measure the specific gravity. My guess is that at least one cell is down. BTW, never charge the battery with more than 1-2 amps. You will fry the battery if you do. And never jump the ski from a running car/truck as that could fry your electronics... Ron

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