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    what should i look 4 when buying a rxp

    hi im looking at buy a 05 rxp with 95 hours on it to do a gprxp what should i look 4 thanks

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    I am sure others will chime in, but here is a few things to get you started.

    Check spark plugs to see if the ski is running lean, or good.
    Compression checks are easy and can tell you a lot as well....
    Check under hull for major blemishes or issues
    Make sure the ski never had ceramic bearings fail
    Check oil filter for metal shavings
    look for corrosion inside the hull to ensure the ski never ingested water to a dangerous level.

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    ceramic bearings are a must to know. 95 hrs they went out at some point. ask for a test run.

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    You want to make absolutely sure that the supercharger ceramic washers have not disintegrated into the engine. If they have (or you even think they might have) run, don't walk away. First, ask him if the supercharger washers have ever been changed. Ask if the supercharger has ever been out of the ski for any reason. Look at the engine hoist supports for any marring that would indicate that the engine has been pulled. Test ride the ski to make sure the RPM are in the acceptable range (7800-8100 depending on the weather).

    Of course you need to ask about how the ski has been maintained. Did it have 10 hour service, 50 hour service, at a dealer/shop or by the owner etc.?

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    Ask what shop changed out the ceramic grenades and ask about the 100 hour service. Check at the shop see if the work was done. Thye should have it on their computer. If you can't get these answers do like the man said and run but also run fast and far away.

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