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Thread: who will win?

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    who will win?

    i have a 04 rxp with a stage1 and through hull and i have a buddy that has a 2008 rxtx stock will i be able to hang with him?

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    It should be close..

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    Depends on the water conditions

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    lets just say pretty calm waters

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    IT'll be close, but i think your buddy's gonna win hes gonna get it at the hole shot but you might be able to creep up to him a lil bit

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    He's probably going to beat you out of he hole, but if you can top 68 you'll eventually come out ahead. Just hope the race isn't over by the time you catch up.

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    no way 215 vs 255

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    its not 215 anymore with stage 1

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    i agree there is more to speed then horse power alone.. i beleave you might take him on top end. make sure your ride plate holes are filled and if your going out to race make sure you have like 1/3 tank of gas or even less lol it count for ALOT! run your ski will as little gas in it at possible and take a big piss b4 your ride lol

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    another usefull tip i found in calm water my ski runs 2mph faster with trim down all the way. i always thought triming up means less craft in the water and more top end... but over and over with a full tank right to empty my ski ran faster trimed down. so keep that in mind!
    i guess when you trim up it does redirect the water but also kills power in doing so

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