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    Question SC slipping or bearing?

    Was out riding the other day and all the sudden after crossing a couple of wakes my rpms dropped to about 7500 so i immiedatly got off the throttle. When i stopped i smelled something burning pulled the seat and smoke was coming from around the SC. Its an 06 RXT and had the metal washers put in at 30 hrs, now it has 92hrs. I know its time for a rebuild and plan on sending it off in a couple of weeks but i could not spin the compressor wheel by hand like most say when the slip is bad and when i pulled the SC it spins fine (bearings). If it was slipping, could it get hot enough to start cooking paint? I normally just try to search but couldnt really find anything where people talk about seeing smoke so i figured i'd finally break down and post. Thanks for the help


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    Any time i see burnt paint on a supercharger housing the bearing failed. Since yours spins freely that suggests the bearing is fine

    I guess it's possible you slipped the clutch so much that it heated up enough to cook the paint.

    Whatever you do don't run that ski anymore until you have the supercharger rebuilt.

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    After it did that i had to idle for about 45 minutes back to the ramp, but never accelerated at all. I could still hear the SC though while idleing and it sounded normal. I gotta wait for some checks to come in and then im gonna send it down there to you to go through. Im gonna poke around the site and check out some different wheels and what not and maybe upgrade if my work keeps picking up.


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    Bearings are goooone for sure.

    Take it out of the ski, and hide the key until its fixed.

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