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    96 gsx charging problem

    so after an hour of riding the battery dies i check volts at battery and get 12 not running and 10.5 running after reading here i think its my rectifier so i buy one from a guy here and same thing 12 not running and 10.5 running i checked the fuses in the computer box and the box in the front they are all good any ideas?

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    forgot to mention the 12volt low was on the display

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    12 volt low

    Open box find the 3 yellow wires coming from stator use a ohm meter set on ohms setting and check all three wires on each other they all three need to have the same resistance doesn't matter what the resistance just make sure they are the same. Then also check each wire with ground if you get a reading the stator is bad! Or get a hold of John at jet ski solutions he is extremely good on electrical!!

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    Sounds exactly like a stator problem to me. Luckily, they're fairly easy to change.
    Even a caveman could do it.


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    Yes, and remember a bad stator can fry a new recitifier and vice-versa. So you may have to buy another rectifier too, when you replace the stator.

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