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    drive shaft... pain in the neck

    does anyone know the trick to getting a driveshaft out of a 97 787 gtx? i don't get it, it won't budge. i took the large clamp off, along with the small clamp on the boot of the flywheel, but i don't get the next step!

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    Did you remove the jet pump from the back? Just disconnect the reverse and steering cables and the jet pump (you can see the impeller from the back). Once the four bolts are out you should be able to pull out the drive shaft in one whole piece with the impeller still connected.

    I just did this yesterday to change out the shaft bearing and it was very easy and quick.

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    There is either an o-ring or a stainless steel clip in a groove on the driveshaft.

    If it still has the o-ring (the older, not so good design) you can normaly just yank the shaft out once the pump is off. If it has the clip you can pull on that shaft like King Kong with a stiffy and it will not come out.

    Right behind the PTO boot you will see a stainless collar that runs up against the carbon ring seal.

    BEFORE pulling the pump, pull that collar back against the seal (this will compress the accordian tube that holds the seal, it is very stiff, it is not easy to do, but it will move). Once the collar is pulled back far enough you will expose the groove and see either the old style o-ring or the clip. If it has the o-ring, I suggest you replace it with a clip. If you see the clip, just push it out of the groove and the drive shaft will now slide right out once you pull the pump.

    Installation is the reverse.

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    OK see attached. thats how far i am. and yes i took the jet pump off. i even tried putting it back on to move that boot. i don't think there are any rings lol
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    the ring is under the collar and will slide off towards the frt of the ski, once the ring is off the collar and carbon seal also comes off forward.
    You seem to have a crack??? on the fiberglass area around the thru hull, whats up with that?


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    Take your pump off and stuff the end of your prop with some paper, leave just enough(1/4 inch) to where you can re-install the pump to where the shaft will line up in the prop! This will keep the shaft from sliding back and it will give you more leverage to push the stainless retainer ,carbon ring and accordion boot back against the hull to REVEAL the C-CLIP that retains the shaft! Once you remove that clip, remove the pump and the shaft will pull out with a firm tug!You can try and do it by hand, but to be honest, it's not usually that easy! Take a block of wood and slip it under the shaft right up against the back of the engine, take a pry bar or even a very large flat head screw driver and try to pry the screw driver against the stainless retainer toward the rear of the ski, I just did one tonight! I know it may be confusing, but hope this helps!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TLR View Post
    You seem to have a crack??? on the fiberglass area around the thru hull, whats up with that?

    I gotta tell you, that i didn't even notice it till i took the picture. I have an RXP-X. This is my dads seadoo. He refuses the give it up (although i do share my love for 2 strokes) He will have some explaining to do.

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