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    Question kawasaki 260x

    im looking at a new ski . its a kawasaki 260x does anyone have any info. about them ? good or bad ? and if anyone knows the top speed that would be great ... thanks for your help...........................

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    There is so much info on the 260/250X and other skis just trying using the search or even still scroll through the kawasaki seaction and read a few post.
    Top speed 66mph
    Big ski but nimble to ride best rough water ski on teh market
    Done side they love the gas
    tonnes more info give the search engine a go.

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    i have 2007 250 x bought new top speed 70,20 GALLONS ABOUT TWO-THREE HOURS RUN TIME>

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    Quote Originally Posted by HPI_Savage25 View Post
    i have 2007 250 x bought new top speed 70,
    Where did you read that 70 from?

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    hope he isnt reading the dream-o-meter...mine GPS's 64mph with me and a full tank (i weigh 250lbs) but the dream-o says 55mph my old 1300r used to say 80mph on the dream-o....some read high some read low

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    I agree, My 07 ran 66 (GPS) on a good day & with a bunch of mods, riva plate, air intake, intercooler dual,Bov blocked consistant 68. maybe he is going off the stock speedo

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    260x is overall a good and dependable ski... wastes alot of gas.. but one of the quickes skis ive seen out of the hole... it depends what type of riding you do, its not good for flat water. best in the chop. depends on what you want

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