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    Checking on recalls

    Can anyone tell me how I could go about checking, and then receiving, recalls. This ski belinged to my son during its first two years of life, and tells me he's never checked on the recall notices he received.

    Are there any recalls on an '04 Polaris MSX150?


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    Get the HIN hull number from the rear deck. Call a Polaris PWC dealer, and ask them to check the Service history for that HIN. The dealer does not have to be local, and some may charge a small fee to do the check.

    They can tell you if there are any outstanding recalls or critical service bulletins for that HIN.

    If they want to be helpful, they can tell you what each applicable bulletin number is, and what it covered.

    Polaris maintains a database for every PWC sold, who sold it, to whom, and what issues affected that unit. The database also includes any service work performed by a Polaris dealer, especially if it was warranty work.

    Sometimes dealers don't record everything, and work done by independent shops won't be included.

    Let us know what you find out, and we can go from there.

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    there were NEVER ANY recalls or service bulletins on Polaris MSX 110/150's

    post your HIN and I will check if there was any work ever done under warranty.

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    This is the coast guard recall website that has some recalls listed in it. Hope it helps.

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