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    x-charger on stock rxp

    I have searched through many threads and am still a lil confused on what to do here. Seem to get some mixed thoughts on this... I have a brand new x-charger sitting on my bench, just waiting to bolt in, with the intention to eventually get the RRFPR and many other add-ons. The '07 RXP is bone stock and I don't want to run it with the stock supercharger with the ceramic washers in it. So, my question is will I have any problems bolting the x-charger in with no RRFPR or 42# injectors? At this point I'm not looking for the extra speed, just don't want to rebuild the stock charger if I won't be using it any longer.

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    No problem bolt and ride as long as what you stated is correct about the ski being bone stock your good to go!

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    I wouldn't trust this and i would run 42s!!! with a stock ski, however to get the most out of the x-charger you will need to supply more air/flow then you will need to get rid of the extra exhaust gasses produced so i would get a through hull or at least remove the resonator this should all be ok with 42s, any other mods will def. require an RRFPR.

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    I just did a RXP with air intake,X charger and 42's and it is fine.I did another one with the Gen 2 X intercooler and added a RRFPR and that could be your next mods.

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    If you have no other mods!!!! Then the X charger will be fine in your ski. The restriction of the stock intake, intercooler and exhaust will keep things safe. JD1 has fitted rude chargers to bone stock skis without issues so an X charger will be fine. Bolt it up and lose those ceramic washers, they are more risk then running an X charger!!! You will have to tweek or have your prop tweeked for proper RPM (8100) other then that your good to go. R88

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