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    657X Oil Injection

    Hey guys, I'm working on a 1995 657X engine (which happens to be in a Sportster Jet Boat) and it has the old school injector on it. The type that is mounted below the rotary valve and opened with the use of the throttle cable. I recently cleaned and rebuilt the carbs, never removed the injector or its lines, but I never knew about that spring loaded arm where the cable seats into until after removing the carbs. Anyone know if that spring loaded arm has to be pre-loaded with possibly one full revolution before hooking up the cable or is the initial spring tension without a preload the way it gets set-up? I want to make sure the injector will be set propperly and opened enough to supply the right amount of oil. Thanks for the input.

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    Yes, it needs a preload. That way, if the cable ever breaks it snaps to full open.

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    Do you know how many times I have to rotate the arm for proper pre-load? I had a look at my friend's SPi with a 585 and same style injection, his didn't seem to have any more spring tension then what I have this one set to.

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