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    Unhappy problems with coolant leaks after winter

    i have a 2006 rxt, i have some rough winters out here, last year there was coolant under the engine and i thought it was a cracked block, but it was a lose clamp on the resivor tank. I changed the clamp and all was good, this year same thing but i can't find the leak. I guess what im asking is how easy is it to crack a block, and/or is there lots of problems with clamps...........PLEASE HELP, ICANT RIDE MY BABY TILL ITS FIXED

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    On an RXT / RXP, the Block passages are full of Anti-Freeze so if your Anti-Freeze isn't chemically changed from age (do a specific gravity check on it), then it should'nt --- freeze...

    The Exhaust System and Intercooler are different in that they get their cooling from the lake water and there are specific Winterization routines to evacuate the water and put 100% un-diluted A/F into the I/C and 50/50 anti-freeze into the rest of the Exhaust System.

    Those OEM Wire Spring Clamps like the one found on the bottom of the A/F surge tank are not the best fastener. They are also found on both IN and OUT connections to the Ride Plate Heat Exchanger in the Inner / Rear corners of the Hull. Helluva difficult place to remove and replace those clamps but mine did leak a little and I replaced them with Stainless Steel screw clamps.
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    just how cold is the coldest temp there? anti-freeze solution can freeze if it gets cold enough, I can remember seeing some get slushy when it was -5 here one time.

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